18mm 4p Low Voltage Electrical Surge Protectors

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CZ series surge protector is suitable for PT, IT, IT-S, TN-S, TN-C, TN-C-S and other power supply systems with AC 50/60Hz, 220/400V and below. The design is based on the requirements of IEC61643-A, GB18802.1, GB50057, and is usually installed in the low-voltage main distribution cabinet of the building incoming line.

                        Model Number




Standard Discharge Current In(8/20)




Maximum discharge current        





protection level   Up




(Front-end recommended special  

     backup protector)








Type 2

Protection mode

1P   2P   3P   4P   2+PE   4+PE   1+NPE   3+NPE

Optional shapes


nominal voltage  Un


Continuous-running Voltage Uc


work environment


relative humidity


Failure indication

Normal green or colorless, failing red or black


Dry contact (14-11 normally open, 11-12 normally closed)

Test basis

GB18802.1      IEC61643-11

1, the lightning receptor

Metal objects and metal structures used to directly receive or withstand lightning strikes, such as lightning rods, lightning protection belts (lines), lightning protection nets, etc.

2, down the line

Connect the metal conductor of the lightning receptor to the grounding device.

3, grounding device

The sum of the grounding body and the grounding body connecting conductor.

4, the grounding body

A metal conductor buried in the ground that is in direct contact with the earth. Also known as the grounding pole. Various metal members, metal facilities, metal pipes, metal equipment, etc. that directly contact the earth can also serve as a grounding body, which is called a natural grounding body.

5, grounding body connecting conductor

Connect the connecting wires or conductors of the grounding device from the grounding terminal of the electrical equipment to the connecting wires or conductors of the grounding device from the metal objects that require equipotential bonding, the total grounding terminal, the grounding summary board, the total grounding bar, and the equipotential bonding.

6, direct lightning

Direct lightning strikes on real objects such as buildings, earth or lightning protection devices.

7, ground potential counterattack

The lightning current passes through the grounding point or the grounding system to cause a change in the ground potential of the region. Ground potential counterattacks can cause changes in the grounding system potential, which may cause damage to electronic equipment and electrical equipment.

8, lightning protection system (LPS)

Systems that reduce the damage caused by lightning to buildings, installations, etc., including external and internal lightning protection systems.

8.1 External lightning protection system

The lightning protection part of the exterior or body of the building (construction) is usually composed of a lightning receptor, a down conductor and a grounding device to prevent direct lightning strikes.

8.2 Internal lightning protection system

The lightning protection part inside the building (structure) is usually composed of equipotential bonding system, common grounding system, shielding system, reasonable wiring, surge protector, etc., mainly used to reduce and prevent lightning current in the protective space. The electromagnetic effect produced.


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