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CZ series surge protector is suitable for PT, IT, IT-S, TN-S, TN-C, TN-C-S and other power supply systems with AC 50/60Hz, 220/400V and below. The design is based on the requirements of IEC61643-A, GB18802.1, GB50057, and is usually installed in the low-voltage main distribution cabinet of the building incoming line.

1. There are three wiring methods for voltage transformers: Y, y, d wiring, Y, y wiring, V, v wiring.

2. Generator parallel conditions: The difference between the voltage, frequency and phase of the generator and the operating system is less than the specified value.

3. Zero-sequence current protection is mainly composed of zero-sequence current (voltage) filter, current relay and zero-sequence direction relay.

4. The relay protection device must meet the four basic requirements of selectivity, rapidity, sensitivity and reliability.

5. The main technical parameters of the current relay are the operating current, the return current and the return coefficient.

6. The main links of power production are power plants, substations, and transmission lines.

7. The circuit diagram of the secondary circuit can be divided into three types according to different tasks, namely, the schematic diagram, the expansion diagram and the installation wiring diagram.

8. The so-called non-correspondence principle means that the position of the control switch does not correspond to the position of the circuit breaker.

9. Transformer oil acts as insulation and arc extinguishing in the multi-oil circuit breaker, and only acts as an arc extinguishing in the oil-less circuit breaker.

10. Check the insulation resistance of the secondary circuit and use a 1000V shaker.

11. Installation wiring diagram includes: screen layout diagram, screen rear wiring diagram and terminal row diagram.

12. The central signal device includes two parts: a central accident signal and a central warning signal.

13. The arc suppression coil in the power system can be divided into three modes: resonance compensation, over compensation and under compensation according to the working principle.

14. The safe working procedure is specified in the following: the device voltage to ground is higher than 250V for high voltage; below 250V is low voltage; the safe voltage is below 36V; and the safe current is below 10mA.

15. The duty officer needs to remove the barrier for work due to work. The required safety distance is 0, 7 m at 10k V, 1, 0 m at 35k V, 1, 5 m at 110k V, and 3, 0 m at 220k V. .

16. When lightning storms need to inspect outdoor high-voltage equipment, wear insulated boots and do not approach lightning arresters, lightning rods and grounding devices.

17. In the event of fire on electrical equipment, immediately turn off the power to the equipment and then extinguish the fire.

18. Common tools for duty operators include wire cutters, screwdrivers, electricians, live hands, needle-nosed pliers, electric irons, and low-voltage test pencils.

19. In the graphical symbol of the transformer, Y indicates a three-phase coil star connection.

20, substation (station) control room signal is generally divided into voltage signal; current signal; resistance signal.


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